Antonio Martino (Italy)

After graduating from the DAMS in 2004 and having collaborated with NGO and other volunteer associations, he shoots Fatma Aba-ad, made in the Sahara desert in a Saharawi refugees camp. From 2004 onward, the enquiry of the reality becomes his main objective, taking him to difficult places and subjects. His East’s Trilogy Project Noi siamo l’aria non la terra , Gara de Nord_copii pe strada and Pancevo_mrtav grad analyzes the relation between man and environment/ambient. During October 2008 he shoots Be water, my friend, a documentary about the dring up of Ex Aral sea and the Moynaq ex fishermen and in March 2009 he shoots Nìguri, a documentary about illegal immigration in Italy.
Antonio Martino has also collaborated with several international networks such as ARD and 3SAT German Televisions, SG film production. He also collaborates with Bologna National Cineteque, Pistoletto Art Foundation, Mercenaro film production and Torino Polytechnic Institute.


  • Siamo Fatti Così
  • Noi siamo L'aria, non la terra
  • Gara de Nord_copii pe strada
  • Pancevo_mrtav grad
  • Be Water, My Friend
  • Nigger / Nìguri
  • Isqat al Nizam: At the Regime Border
  • Remnants
  • The Black Sheep
  • Abu Salim - Freedom Is Not Cheap

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