Dan Geva (Israel)

Dan Geva is one of the most important representatives of his country's younger generation of filmmakers. In his films — most of which are made in close collaboration with his co-scriptwriter, co-director and editor Noit Geva — he challenges national myths and political symbols by linking them to personal memories and feelings from a radical, self-centered perspective and by analyzing them critically. Whether an experimental exploration of a big city's' rhythm, a subversive examination of Israel's history by reinterpreting a film by Chris Marker, or an attempt at a filmic reconstruction of the events marking a massacre, the approach taken by the two Gevas excitingly confronts highly intimate issues and puts our foregone conclusions into question.

Yerushalaim (13', Israel, 1993)
Jerusalem: Rhythms of a Distant City (12', Israel, 1993)
Kach Na Et Bincha (10', Israel, 1994)
17-23, 40 Devarim Shetsrihim La'avor (85', Israel, 1999)
Ma Sheraiti B'Hebron (73', Israel, 2001)
Tza'ad Revi'i La'matbe'a/Description of a Memory (80', Israel, 2006)
Footsteps in Jerusalem (Israel, 2013)

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