Ohad Milstein (Israel)

Ohad Milstein was born in 1973. His films are often experimental in form and are highly meticulous visually. Milstein studied Cinema at Tel Aviv University from 1996 to 2000, and Photography & art at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design from 2003 to 2005. As A film maker Milstein has a distinctive cinematic language combining art and documentary cinema in an innovative revolutionary para documentary genre. His film Obsession premiered at the 2008 DocAviv Film Festival. His film 50.14N 41.46W (the point in which the RMS Titanic ship sunk) attended in international film and video dance festivals in Greece, Spain & Russia. Milstein is an active video-artist, presenting in both national and international art exhibitions. His cinematic works show artistic components within the narrative and the constructive-formalistic aspects, presenting the viewer an intellectual challenge as well as an emotional adventure.


Slough (Israel, 1998)
Water (Israel, 2000)
Smalltalk (Israel, 2000)
Beginning of a day (Israel, 2003)
A ride with Shirly (Israel, 2003)
A Cup of Coffee (Israel, 2003)
A Glass of Water (Israel, 2003)
Stokata #1 (Israel, 2003)
Stokata #2 (Israel, 2003)
A girl in white (Israel, 2003) Day Diary (Israel, 2003)
Screen saver (Israel, 2003)
Stokata #3 (Israel, 2006)
41.46W 50.14N (Israel, 2006)
Obsession (53´, Israel, 2008)
Systema (45´, Israel, 2010)

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