Benno Trautmann (Germany)

Benno Trautmann was born in 1947 in Germany. He went to school, to highschool, to the art academy, studying photography (Kunsthochschule Mainz, 1967-1968) and filmmaking (Kunsthochschule Kassel, 1969-1973). Since 1974 he is working as a freelance filmmaker, photographer, cameraman, soundman, editor, author and producer. Living in Berlin. 1976 he founded together with filmmaker Antonia Lerch the Lerch-Trautmann-Filmproduction, 33 films in 33 years. He took part in numerous festivals and exhibitions, looking for money and awards. Madman´s Dictionary is his first step back to his roots, with the backing of Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, special section: artistic low budget documentary.


Der Umsetzer (75´, West Germany, 1976)
Im labyrinth (West Germany, 1979)
Die spitze des eisberges (West Germany, 1982)
Der Todesspringer (87´, West Germany, 1985)
Der Geschlagene kotflügel (West Germany, 1986)
Hindukusch (West Germany, 1988)
Mistkäfer (Germany, 1990) Saal der verlorenen schritte (Germany, 1992)
Kind im speed test (Germany, 1996)
Neue gehirne - Gehirnwaschmaschine 1 (Germany, 2002)
Anatomie der trauer (Germany, 2003)
Gehirsektion (Germany, 2004)
Simulationspatientin (Germany, 2004)
Foto-session (Germany, 2006)
Hinterbliebene (Germany, 2007)
Gehirne (Germany, 2007)
Madman's Dictionary (63´, Germany, 2010)

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