Dušan Hanák (Slovakia)

Dušan Hanák was born on 27 April 1938 in Bratislava. In 1960 – 1965 he studied film directing at the Film and TV Faculty of the Academy of Drama in Prague (FAMU).
He made twenty short documentary films, which won major national and international awards in Oberhausen, Montevideo, Biennale of Young Art in Paris, and many other festivals – they included Artists (1965), Learning (1965), Call into Silence (1965), Old Shatterhand Came to See Us (1966), The Mass (1967), The Day of Joy (1972) and more.

He is the author of the book of texts and photographs The Blind Man and the Naked Girl (1999). Since 1992, he has taught at the Film and TV Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, having acquired the highest academic title of Professor in 1998. He received a Prize for Excellent Achievement in the Art of Cinema at the retrospective of his films in Denver in 1991. In 2004, he received Pribina’s Cross of 1st Class “for his extraordinary contribution to the cultural development of the Slovak Republic“. In 2006, he won a Golden Camera Award at the International Artfilm Festival in Trenčianske Teplice and an Award to the Career at the Bergamo IFF. In 2008, he received the Crystal Globe for Outstanding Artistic Contribution to World Cinema at Karlovy Vary IFF.


  • **I. Feature Films**
  • 1969 – 322
  • 1972 – Pictures of the Old World / Obrazy starého sveta
    documentary film
  • 1976 – Rosy Dreams / Ružové sny
  • 1980 – I Love, You Love / Ja milujem, ty miluješ
  • 1985 – Silent Joy / Tichá radosť
  • 1990 – Private Lives / Súkromné životy
  • 1995 – Paper Heads / Papierové hlavy
    documentary film
  • **II. Short films (selected)**
  • 1965
  • Artists / Artisti
    documentary film
  • Call into Silence / Výzva do ticha
    documentary film
  • Learning / Učenie
    documentary film
  • 1966
  • Old Shatterhand Came to See Us / Prišiel k nám Old Shatterhand
    documentary film
  • 1967
  • The Mass / Omša
    documentary film
  • 1972
  • A Day of Joy / Deň radosti
    TV documentary film

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