Palle Demant (Denmark)

Palle has worked on several projects within the rock music scene in Copenhagen, including smaller documentary productions and music videos for bands like The Woken Trees, The Wands and Spids Nøgenhat. Men & Metal is his debut documentary film, and he is currently working on a full-length documentary about the musician Lorenzo Woodrose.


  • 2013 Musikvideo: The Wands
    instruktion, kamera
  • 2012 Musikvideo: Woken Trees
    instruktion, kamera, klip
  • 2012 Seminarfilm: VIBES the event conference (7 film) (interviews) (instruktion,
  • kamera, klip)
  • 2012 Webdokumentar: Den Arktiske Ring
    3 film) (instruktion, kamera, klip
  • 2012 Webdokumentar: This is Roskilde Festival
    instruktion, kamera, klip
  • 2011 Webfilm: State of Green Sydney, Rosan Bosch
    5 film) (kamera, klip
  • 2011 Webfilm: Goodwill Ambassadors
    3 film) (instruktion, kamera, klip
  • 2011 Åbningsfilm: VIBES the event conference
    idé, kamera, klip
  • 2011 Webdokumentar: Study in Denmark
    11 film) (instruktion, kamera, klip
  • 2010 Webdokumentar: Narsaq, Ipiutaq, Igaliku, Qassiarsuk & Narsarsuaq, Qaqortoq
  • (film om Grønland)
    instruktion, kamera, klip
  • 2010 Webfilm: Fu Manchu
    band) (interview
  • 2010 Webfilm: In Copenhagen Sport Comes Alive
  • 2010 Webfilm: We Love Bikes – Denmark
    idé, kamera, klip
  • 2010 Webdokumentar: Iceland – The Grand Circle Tour
    instruktion, kamera
  • 2010 Webdokumentar: The Faroe Islands
    instruktion, kamera, klip
  • 2009 Dokumentar: Jellingestenene under lup (instruktion, kamera, klip) Kongernes
  • Jelling/DR2
  • 2009 Rejseprogram: Cruising the Baltic (kamera, klip) USA Today
  • 2009 Webdokumentar: The Museum of Danish Resistance (4 film) (instruktion,
  • kamera, klip)
  • 2008 Webfilm: Locals’ guide to Copenhagen
    6 film) (kamera, klip
  • 2008 Webfilm: The National Museum of Denmark
    4 film) (kamera
  • 2007 Dokumentar: Set fra Kvinderegensen
    instruktion, kamera, klip
  • 2004-2005 Musikprogrammet (tilrettelægger, kamera) DR1
  • 2004 Dokumentar: Den Sidste Alder
    instruktion, kamera, klip
  • 2002 Musikvideo: The Magic Bullet Theory
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