Jean-Louis Comolli (France)

Jean-Louis Comolli (born 30 July 1941) is a French writer, editor, and film director. He was editor in chief of Cahiers du cinéma from 1966 to 1978, during which period he wrote the influential essays "Machines of the Visible" (1971) and "Technique and Ideology: Camera, Perspective, Depth of Field" (1971-2), both of which have been translated in English anthologies of film and media studies. This work was important in the discussion on apparatus theory, an attempt to rethink cinema as a site for the production and maintenance of dominant state ideology in the wake of May 1968.

After his tenure at Cahiers, Comolli continued his work as a director and has since published numerous works on film theory, documentary, and jazz. He currently teaches film theory at the Universities of Paris VIII, Barcelona, Strasburg and Genève.

In the spring of 2008, Comolli was invited to the Visions du réel documentary film festival in Nyon, Switzerland, where he developed his theory of documentary cinema.

1968 : Les deux Marseillaises (co-director : André S. Labarthe)
1969 : Comme je te veux
1975 : La Cecilia
1981 : L'Ombre rouge
1983 : Balles perdues
1986 : Le Bal d'Irène (TV)
1987 : Pétition (TV)
1989 : Marseille de père en fils - Coup de mistral
1989 : Marseille de père en fils - Ombres sur la ville
1992 : La Campagne de Provence
1993 : Marseille en mars
1994 : Jeune fille au livre
1995 : Georges Delerue (TV)
1996 : Marseille contre Marseille
1997 : Nos deux Marseillaises
1997 : La Question des alliances
2000 : Durruti, portrait d'un anarchiste
2003 : Rêves de France à Marseille
2004 : Les Esprits du Koniambo (TV)
2005 : Le Peintre, le poète et l'historien (TV)

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