Kamran Heidari (Iran)

Kamran Heidari was born in Gachsaran, near Shiraz in 1977. After receiving his Diploma he started making films and attended classes for making documentary films for 5 years. All his documentaries and photos are about people from his region Shiraz (Fars). “I am Negahdar Jamali, I make Western Films” is his first long documentary.


  • “Dash Akol”
    Documentary, 18 min, 2004
  • “Mohammad Bahman Beigi”
    Documentary, 40 min, 2006
  • “The Big Red”
    Short Film, 14 min, 2006
  • “Comfortably Numb”
    Feature, 85 min, 2007
  • “At the End of Perfect day”
    Documentary, 50 min, 2008
  • “The Dead Sea”
    Documentary, 30 min, 2010
  • “Mola Sadra”
    Documentary, 30 min, 2011
  • “My name is Negahdar Jamali and I make westerns"
    Documentary, 65 min, 2012
  • "Dingomaro"
    Documentary, 68 min, 2014

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