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Istanbul, a metropolis at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, has always been a way station for the merchants and travellers of the world. Today, for migrants from Africa and the Middle East, it is a gateway to the promised land of Europe.

Syrian and Iraqi refugees, cosmopolitan youth seeking a better future, disillusioned Arab Spring supporters and undocumented migrants from Black Africa all congregate in cramped hives of activity: the city’s callshops. Found on every street corner, these businesses provide a vital link to the migrants’ home countries. The film captures the conversations, confidences and emotionally charged moments that happen in callshops every day, creating a powerful and dignified testament to the migrant’s condition in the 21st century.



  • Muhmud Sidat

    This web shit is stupid i have shared the film to watch it for free but after sharing nothing happens like play, AM I MISSING SOMETHING

    Nov 1, 2017 6:14:48 PM

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