Summer of Goliath

  • Mexico
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Summer of Goliath is a documentary/fiction hybrid that narrates various stories of the people of the town of Huilotepec in rural Mexico. Teresa’s husband disappeared and she believes he left her for another woman. Gabino, her son, is a soldier who returns home for an indefinite time. Amalio, Nico, and Oscar are three brothers whose stories we learn through a series of interviews and reenactments. Their father left them many years past, and their mother can barely support them. Oscar has gained himself the nickname of Goliath after the mysterious death of his girlfriend. Clementina is a teenage girl who left her home because she got pregnant. She lives with her teenage boyfriend. Cuco, her dad, insists that she should go back home, but she refuses. In an interview she comments that a few years back she was an extra in a film where Gabino played the main character. Later we remake a scene in that film, in which Clementina plays the co‐protagonist and Gabino plays the same part once again. Teresa ends up alone in the forest, crying, feeling sorry for herself.




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