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JJA are his initials. His large mansion in Switzerland called “Rosebud” is the sole setting of the film. But even though lonesomeness seems to be his fate, this deserted place is filled with an unceasing flood of words, telling many complicated, undecipherable business stories about financial scams perpetrated upon him. He soliloquises, shares his memories, his obsession with numerology, his relationship with money, works of art, interior design, the building of a hen-house, and converses at great length about the state of the world or mere anecdotes. He starts a reflection here, resumes it there, never really finishing it. There is a gap, a kaleidoscopic diffraction between his voice and his body, as if they were disconnected. Clearly, in spite of his loud confession, JJA remains a mystery. But another, distanced portrait emerges: the portrait of a form of power, that of speech and of a man who secures a kind of order with his own words.(FIDMarseille)



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