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The Bed is Broken

  • Romania
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Two Romanian boys roam around an abandoned building, looking for metal to sell to the scrap dealer. The camera accompanies them, exploring the spaces in the empty building: factory floors, stairwells, offices – the floors of which are covered with a sea of thick old files. There doesn’t seem to be much left worth taking, as the building has been stripped to the bone already. Broken windows, missing doors, a mattress left behind by someone passing through. The younger boy has done a drawing on a wall: "Here’s the toboggan… here’s the prison for small children… a cat… a bunny… two stars in the sky… and there’s a… What do you call it? A bed." While the camera calmly observes them, more and more questions arise. Who are these boys? Where do they come from? How did they get here? Is this a game, or is it work? Is it freedom, or neglect? Are they playing with one another, or is it bullying? Then they find someone else to play with: a puppy, just as displaced and playful as the two friends. In an environment where there isn't much room for childhood, the little dog’s carefree enthusiasm serves as a reminder of what it means to be a kid.



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