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Lisbon Docs Pitching Sessions

  • Portugal
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Lisbon Docs is an international financing and co-production forum for documentary film and is a co-production between Apordoc – Associação pelo Documentário and EDN – European Documentary Network. During Lisbon Docs, documentary projects were developed in an intense workshop, pitched to a panel of leading broadcasters and individually matched for meetings with potential collaborators.

The pitchings took place on the 17 and 18 of October 2014 and were filmed by a crew of film students.

17 OCT El Color del Camaleon / Andres Lübbert and Maarten D’Hollander / 00:00:00
17 OCT When a Dream Comes True / Eduard Antoja and Amanda de Luis / 00:17:00
17 OCT 37º49’N 25º12’W / Manuel Bernardo Cabral / 00:35:02
17 OCT Hi, Rasma! / Arko Okk / 00:51:29
17 OCT Expedition 81 / Tiago Cravidão / 01:07:44
17 OCT Transit Lisa / Violetta Gaß / 01:21:01
17 OCT Paul Morrissey - The Independent of Independents / Stefania Casini / 01:38:24
18 OCT Hello and Goodbye / Tomislav Zaja / 01:55:54
18 OCT Casas Partidas / Maria Clara Escobar and Isabel Machado / 01:24:35
18 OCT What Are We Waiting For, Grandma? / Biljana Tutorov / 02:27:21
18 OCT A New Girl’s Order / Tamara Gonzalez and João Viana / 02:44:18
18 OCT Paradise Gowns / Albina Griniute and Gajane Kalatshjan / 02:58:22
18 OCT Veganarchy / Gil Golan / 03:14:26




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