• Spain 
  • Serbia 
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It is now over a decade since the war in the Balkans came to an end. The disaster has slowly dissolved into the river of collective historical memory, and the many documents and interpretations of the events, together with their causes and consequences, have gradually been filed away and settled in the form of fragmented, partial, partisan information. The real events will remain for ever blurred by the unreal veil of a nightmare that we are still waking up from and already starting to forget.
The film plunges into the unconscious of the two archetypes that play a part in all conflicts – victim and aggressor – infiltrating their respective nightmares in order to transmit, from an oneiric state, the psychological scars that lay dormant in the consciousness of many inhabitants of former Yugoslavia, and to contribute to their slow post-traumatic awakening.

The creation of Dionis Escorsa's feature film "Y" was inspired by his previous short film "Room Service for Bombed Buildings", which is available for free.



  • Original title
  • Direction
  • Screenplay
    Dionis Escorsa
  • DOP
    Dionis Escorsa
  • Editing
    Dionis Escorsa
  • Sound
    Alfredo Costa Monteiro
  • Duration
    95 min (91+ min.)
  • Year
  • Country
    • Spain
    • Serbia
  • Colour
    • Black & White
  • Production
  • Festivals
    • Xcèntric film festival - CCCB Barcelona
    • Kino der Kunst - Arri Kinos, Munich
    • Picknic Film Festival - Santander
    • CineMad film festival - Cines Berlanga, Madrid
    • Flux festival video d'autor - Centre d'art Santa Monica, Barcelona
    • IBAFF - Filmoteca, Murcia
    • El Ojo Cojo - Filmoteca, Madrid / Cinemes Boliche, Barcelona
  • Awards
    • Best feature fiction film at El Ojo Cojo Film Festival - Madrid / Barcelona
    • Adquired by the Caixaforum Art Collection - Barcelona

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