Room Service for Bombed Buildings

  • Serbia 
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Six years after Belgrade was bombed by NATO forces, some buildings still remain destroyed. A team of cleaning ladies enters the ruins of the serbian Ministry of Defense wishing to put a bit of order in the chaos.

"Room Service for Bombed Buildings" subsequently inspired the creation of Dionis Escorsa's feature film "Y".


  • Original title
    Room Service for Bombed Buildings
  • Direction
  • Screenplay
    Dionis Escorsa
  • DOP
    Dionis Escorsa
  • Editing
    Dionis Escorsa
  • Duration
    17 min (16-30 min.)
  • Year
  • Country
    • Serbia
  • Colour
    • Black & White
  • Production
  • Festivals
    • Premiered 2004 at: SKC Beograd, Serbia
    • Festival de cine de Málaga
    • Global Living film festival, The Cube, Bristol
    • Zemos98, Sevilla
    • Festival del cine pobre, Santiago de Cuba
    • Kurz film festival, Hamburg
    • Cosi fan tutte Film Festival, Vienna
    • OVNI, CCCB, Barcelona
    • Kurz film festival Berlin, Arsenal Kinos, Berlin
    • Anachronismes et autres manipulations Spatio-Temporelles, 40Cube Gallery, Rennes, France
    • Use no hooks, Antic Ajuntament, Tarragona
    • Bienal Leandre Cristófol, Centre d’Art La Panera, LLeida
    • Agents of change, Galerie Paolo Boselli, Bruxelles
    • Trilhas Na Mata Digital, Museo de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói, Brasil
    • HoritzóTV, La Capella, Barcelona
    • Arco Art fair, Galería Travesía 4, Madrid
    • Mexico Art fair, Galería Travesía 4, Mexico DF
    • Beograd, nekad y sad, Galería Beograd, Beograd
    • Festival Loop, Stand Natonat, Barcelona
    • Off Loop, Galería Senda (s292), Barcelona
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