Documentary films with a sense of humour: A retrospective of Laila Pakalnina

Great retrospective of a director with an original sense of humour - Laila Pakalnina is one of Latvia‘s most prolific directors today. She often uses the form of absurd mystification comedy.

Her documentary film Udens was awarded the Golden Bear at Berlinale in the short film category. In the film Dream Land (Leiputrija), the film crew look for new, mutated animal forms living at garbage dumps. This documentary film received the European Film Award. Her feature length films usually have the form of comic, absurd mystification.

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Fiction Features:
The Hostage (Ķīlnieks) 2006
The Python (Pitons) 2003
The Shoe (Kurpe) 1998

2006 Silence (Klusums, short) 2009
Stones (Akmeņi, short) 2008
Fire (Uguns, short) 2007
Water (Ūdens, short) 2006

Snow Crazy (Sniegs) 2012
33 Animals of Santa Claus (33 zvēri Ziemassvētki vecītim 2011)
On Rubiks’ Road (Pa Rubika ceļu) 2010
Three Men and Fish Pond (Par dzimtenīti) 2008
Theodore (Teodors) 2006
Dream Land (Leiputrija) 2004
The Bus (Autobuss) 2004
Martins (Mārtiņš) 2002
Papa Gena (Papa Gena) 2001
Wake up (Mostieties) 2000
The Oak (Ozols) 1997
The Mail (Pasts) 1995
The Ferry (Prāmis) 1994
The Linen (Veļa)1991

Selected films


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