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The things you can look forward to in the course of the month at Docalliancefilms

The Docalliancefilms portal has prepared a profile of the works by significant Polish documentarist Marcel Łoziński. During the first months of 2011, selected films originating primarily from the latest period of the rich filmography by the remarkable Polish filmmaker, who was awarded the European Film Award for his short film Poste Restante last year, will be continuously posted on the portal. The first film to be presented within the Łoziński profile is Jak to sie robi/ How It's Done, an insight into the marketing practices of how politic(ian)s are made.

In case you missed the interesting and popular Mexican film The Old Thieves/Los Ladrones Viejos presented at the portal during the Christmas holiday, you can read more about the film here or watch it right away.

Among the films presented in January, let us highlight Durakovo: Village of Fools by Georgian director Nino Kirtadze. This is definitely good news, since until now, only a short film haiku made for the Nyon film festival by the red-haired film director and actress, was available on the portal. For her film Durakovo, Kirtadze was awarded the World Cinema Directing Award at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. An interview with Nino Kirtadze made at the 2010 Jihlava festival will be presented in the news section soon.

Moreover, the portal will soon present films by another guest of the 2010 Jihlava documentary festival, one of the festival’s “translucent beings”, a significant personality of Hungarian cinematography András Szirtes. Let’s hope that the distinctive experimental character of his films will radiate from the portal website in the same way it did in the screening halls of Jihlava, where a selected retrospective of “Szirtesfilms” was introduced personally by the author.

Last but not least, let us remind you that the films from our portal can be sent as a gift not only during Christmas but also throughout the year. Many a film fan will be pleased and even moved by receiving a present on his or her birthday (the right time of delivery will be secured by our sophisticated delivery system), with a pearl of world documentary cinematography from the Docalliancefilms portal inside.


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