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April is a month of whim and the Doc Alliance Films program for this month will be no less manifold.

For a start, it will present the successful observational documentary series Marriage Stories 20 Years Later by appreciated filmmaker Helena Třeštíková. Filmed in the 1980s, the original project followed six young married couples. Twenty years later, the filmmaker revisited the protagonists to find out how the quarter of a century influenced their lives. The powerful portraits tell about the uniqueness and unpredictability of each life story as well as the institution of marriage as such or the transformations in the society after the change of two political regimes.
From April 9th, the portal will take a virtual trip to Nyon, Switzerland, following the events of the Visions du Réel International Film Festival. Via the portal, visitors will be able to watch thirteen documentary films presented in the First Steps (Premier Pas) festival section; fresh film debuts, student films as well as documentaries by amateur filmmakers. Besides that, debates with directors filmed after festival screenings will be available online.
In mid-April, the portal’s attention will move from Switzerland to Poland, focusing on famous director and screenwriter Marcel Lozinski. During the last two weeks, the portal will offer five of his films for free. These will include 89 mm from Europe, an award winning film which received an Academy Award nomination among others. Situated at a train station between Poland and Belorussia, where the railway gauge changes after the crossing of the state border, the short documentary impression represents a metaphorical reflection on the end of Europe and the Western Christian world.
Easter Monday will offer another film from Polish environment; The Passion according to the Polish Community of Pruchnik. In the milieu of a little Polish town, Austrian filmmaker Andreas Horvath observes the merging of Christian and pagan rituals on Good Friday. While it is interesting for anthropological reasons, the film also poses a controversial question as to how deep anti-Semitism can be rooted within the Catholic Church.
Throughout the month, the portal will also offer almost two dozens of documentary films made in the production of Czech Television. These will include I Guess We’ll Meet at the Eurocamp by Erika Hníková, awarded the Best Czech Documentary at the 2005 Jihlava IDFF; Sold by Lucie Králová or Looking for Good Death by Tomáš Škrdlant, awarded at the 2007 Academia Film Olomouc festival. The films will present contemporary generation testimonies (Thirty-three Years of Age, Ladies) as well as unique portraits (e.g. Miloš Zeman: Politician’s Obituary and a Celebration of the Vysočina Hills). The projects will be both playful and satirical (Beautiful Prague To Become Olympic?) as well as unrestrained and contemplative (Nonstop).


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