“Far above Rubies…“

Portraits of remarkable women who have influenced the life of the society by their attitude towards life as well as personal engagement represent the top of an imaginary May women’s trilogy...

In the biblical Book of Proverbs (31, 10), the wise King Solomon asks: “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is above rubies”. The lives of a couple of unique women, captured by a couple of unique films, are as precious and powerful as that. The Docalliancefilms portal presents the life stories of women known around the world as well as those known by their family and friends; women whose standpoints raise both admiration and controversy. What they all share is that they have taken (not only) their lives in their own hands. Be it the account of the life of a Russian war reporter (Politkovskaya), a Czech film director (Chytilová) or a “grandmother” of the revolution in Cuba (Pereda Duque), they all represent encounters with a powerful and authentic personality.
In her film Journey, Croatian director Jasmina Blažević captures the living legend of Czech film Věra Chytilová, who is depicting her life aspirations, rises and falls, losts and founds as well as the challenges of the creative struggle in front of the camera of her former student.
The next director, Slovenian Petra Seliškar, retells the history of three “revolutionary” grandmothers in her film The Grandmothers of Revolution . All of them have been fighting for what they believed in – anarchism, communism, the freedom movement – and all of them had to pay for it. In a playful and touching way, the film shows various family roles as well as the discrepancy between lies, illusions and reality.
The film Anna, Seven Years on the Frontline by Mascha Novikova tells the unsettling story of famous Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya who was not afraid to openly criticize the Russian government for the aggression towards Chechnya and who was murdered in 2006 under unclear circumstances. The film features a number of other brave Russian activists (both male and female) who can never be sure whether they will or will not share the tragic fate of Politkovskaya in today’s Russia.
Besides the three feature-length documentaries, the portal also offers the short films Kymmenen päivää (dir. Aada Niilola) and I Just Wanted to Be Somebody Dealing with controversial American beauty queen and fighter against the homosexual movement Anita Bryant, the latter documentary is singular already for the fact that it was made by a male director Jay Rosenblatt.
From May 16 to 23, you can stream the films Journey, The Grandmothers of Revolution and Kymmenen päivää FOR FREE.


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