5 Documentary Gifts for Our 10th Anniversary!

Celebrate our 10th documentary anniversary throughout the year! Follow the anniversary news appearing in our film catalogue as well as among the bonuses for our viewers and offers for our subscribers! What are the brand new gifts you can “unwrap” right now?

Celebrate our 10th documentary anniversary throughout the year! Follow the anniversary news appearing in our film catalogue as well as among the bonuses for our viewers and offers for our subscribers! What are the brand new gifts you can “unwrap” right now?

In the world of online distribution, celebrating a 10th anniversary means living to a great age! Although the official online birthday party of the DAFilms.com portal is planned for the summer months, we have decided to make the whole 10th year enjoyable both in terms of our documentary offer and our users’ comfort. What gifts can you enjoy so far?

1. Unlimited Documentary Subscription

First of all, you do not have to wait for your documentary credit to be recharged but you can dive headfirst into our great film subscription offer! It will enable unlimited streaming of all the films in the catalogue; moreover, it will offer you other documentaries that are not accessible to regular viewers. With our new subscription, you will also considerably save your pocket; a monthly subscription of 3.99 euro will cost you as much as the download of two films! If you get a yearly subcription, you will save up to two monthly payments and will actually only pay for 10 months. Do you have a better idea of celebrating our 10th anniversary?

2. New Film Master Classes for Free

Do you know the famous films by your favourite documentary filmmakers by heart, however, you still have not managed to meet them live? Why not make use of our unique film master class collection which we keep extending for you! In the new year, our extraordinary collection has been extended by two remarkable additions. Russian directing legend Victor Kossakovsky reflects on the task of the filmmaker and the innovative character of the film medium in contemporary spectacular and politicized society, while internationally acclaimed Czech filmmaker Helena Třeštíková offers an insight into her original long-term observational method as well as her professionally sensitive approach required by the documentary probes of moving personal stories.

3. Archive Cinema Belongs Online!

After the great success of our first online trip into the historical waters of documentary film, we have decided to continue our adventurous archive journey and bring you as broad an offer of historical cinema during our anniversary year as possible. At present, our catalogue includes a selection of 10 short films from the very beginnings of the film medium as well as 5 promotional films from the 1940s and 1950s we added but a few weeks ago.

4. Documentary Trips outside Europe

Although the DAFilms.com portal can boast an exceptional film background of seven prestigious European festivals that form the Doc Alliance platform, our documentary scope does not end with Europe’s borders; on the contrary! We have launched our big anniversary year with an exploration of the increasingly attractive continent of Latin America where we teamed up with Chile’s biggest documentary organization ChileDoc in the winter months. Thanks to that, our catalogue has been permanently enriched with 8 acclaimed films that we are definitely not going to leave isolated. Follow us and look forward to a selection of Iraqi documentaries in the following months!

5. Find Retrospectives Not Only at Film Festivals

Ranking among the main programme points of leading film festivals, filmmakers’ retrospectives bring both professional prestige and attractiveness for the viewers. However, who manages to attend the one dedicated to their favourite director and how to travel to watch them to the other half of the world? In this respect, too, you can rely on us in the year of celebrations. Online retrospectives will continue to represent a large portion of our programme; as proved by this year’s first retrospective, the first world online retrospective of the films by Victor Kossakovsky, you really love unwrapping this kind of presents! In the course of the spring, you can therefore look forward to another star of contemporary cinema, straddled between film and fine arts; Deborah Stratman!

Enjoy the first heralds of the celebrations of the 10th documentary anniversary of the DAFilms.com portal! Watch films without any limits, learn from the best for free, discover film history, explore the documentary world and be inspired by the complex film works by respected world directors.


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