Immigrants, a Creative Duo from Stockholm and a Rich Fall Festival Season

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Swedish artists Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström are a creative duo dealing with conceptual art and installations in public space besides making documentary films. The profile of the Swedish duo at includes original films following e.g. a Marathon-running monk, a gerontologist who believes in immortality and a chef preparing the last meals before executions.

The biggest theme of 2015 is definitely that of refugees and the migrant crisis. As the public debate, media and social media often lack the knowledge of facts, brings you a selection of films dealing with this theme from September 21 to October 4. Watch portraits of migrants and a creative documentary rendering of the social situation and broaden your horizons in questions that are currently in the spotlight in politics, in the media as well as among people in the streets.

In the course of the summer, the DAFilms portal introduced young film talents. Our website still offers films by filmmakers that are renowned and established today such as Filip Remunda, Peter Mettler and others. A rich collection of films was presented by Prague’s FAMU. The new Polish documentary generation was represented by students from the Lodz Film School; we also presented five Chilean films from Universidad de Chile. In the first half of September, we wrapped up our student programme by a collection of films from Aalto University in Helsinki. Many of them are still available online.

There is a rich fall festival season ahead of us! Four out of seven festivals forming the Doc Alliance will introduce their programme: Doclisboa, Jihlava IDFF, DOK Leipzig and CPH:DOX. Moreover, each of these festivals will present a special programme section at You will be able to watch a selection of the festival films even if you do not make it to the festivals themselves.


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