Our World under Control

Globalisation, the development of the internet, and the growing influence of the mass media has left us all pondering the question: "How can we tell when someone’s trying to manipulate us when we live in a world that’s become so intricately entangled?” Together with Modern Times Review, we’ve carefully selected a number of films that examine the impact that the media and the economic and political interests of those in power have on our lives.

“We guide our editorial line around a threefold approach to understanding modern society: conflict, ecology, and control. With this curated program, we look specifically at various societal control mechanisms with a heavy emphasis on media, its structure, and its presentation. Social control can take on various forms including finance, artificial intelligence, surveillance, and bureaucracy, but it is the media that is omnipresent throughout location, class, and condition. These days, in an era of consolidated corporate power, and the misinformation machine that results, the influence of the media is more powerful than ever,” describes Steve Rickinson of Modern Times Review.

As put by Noam Chomsky once in a now famous quote: "Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state." In his acclaimed publication, Manufacturing Consent, Chomsky shows us how today's mass media works and how a modern form of propaganda is used in a democratic world. The documentary Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media takes an in-depth look at the world-renowned linguist and philosopher behind it all. In 167 minutes, the film’s duo of directors presents "the best of Noam Chomsky" and introduces us to the fundamental ideas and provocative views of this left-wing intellectual. Get a glimpse of today’s world from an economic perspective in the film Around the World with Joseph Stiglitz. This famous American economist and Nobel Prize winner devoted his whole life to being critical of the management of globalisation and of laissez-faire economists, all while highlighting the dangers of the free market and asserting that globalisation should not be associated with environmental degradation or human suffering caused by inequality.

And with Canadian director Dominic Gagnon, you can put your critical thinking skills to the test, which is becoming ever more crucial when working with information found on the internet. For his films RIP in Pieces America and Pieces and Love All to Hell, Gagnon took countless videos made freely available on the internet and composed both a male and female view of modern America. As a result, he managed to create a unique (yet shocking at the same time) documentary portrait of Western society.

Selected films

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