Filip Remunda (Czech Republic)

Filip Remunda was born in 1973 in Prague. In 1990, he graduated from the Secondary School of Electrical Engineering, subject communication technology. After graduation, he spent his time working abroad and traveling.
During his journey to India and Iran, he started shooting his first films on the 8mm camera. Fascinated by amateur film, he signed up for his studies at the Department of Documentary Film at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). During his studies, he made several films of great thematic variety, ranging from a reportage from a travel agency trip to visit Czech countrymen living in the forgotten villages in the mountains of Romania, through a portrait of anarchist Hillary and Marxist Chris, Californian musicians who escaped from America to Tábor in Southern Bohemia, to the film narrated by Jaroslav Tříska, amateur filmmaker from Blšany village who decided to make a film “about the smallest village in the world to play first league football.“ The film Village B. was awarded the best documentary at the 2002 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and the 2003 FAMU festival, also winning the Don Quijote Award at the 2003 Annual Art Film Fest in Trenčianske Teplice, Slovakia, and several other awards at festivals both in Europe and the US. During his studies, he completed a study stay at the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School (Jerusalem) and the Zellig Film School (Bolzano). He is the co-founder of the Institute of Documentary Film to support Czech film abroad. Together with his colleague Vít Klusák, he co-founded the Hypermarketfilm production company. Their very first project, a controversial documentary about a fictitious supermarket Czech Dream, already raised great attention. Their upcoming feature-length project Czech Peace deals with the Czech public response to Czech Republic’s becoming part of the anti-ballistic missile defense system. The film was awarded the annual prize of Czech Film Critics for the best documentary film. Famous American director Michael Moore personally presented Czech Peace at Traverse City Film Festival in 2010.


  • Hilary a Chris na cestě – studentský film
    16', CZ, 2001
  • A Will to Dance - co-director with Joshua Faudem
    56', CZ, 2001
  • Obec B.
    33', CZ, 2002
  • Den poezie
    20', CZ, 2002
  • A.B.C.D.T.O.P.O.L.
    78', CZ, 2002
  • Český sen
    90', CZ, 2004
  • Setkat se s filmem
    55', CZ, 2006
  • Pulec, králík a Duch svatý
    26', CZ, 2007
  • Vánoce v Bosně
    28', CZ, 2008
  • Český mír
    108', CZ, 2010
  • Epochální výlet pana Třísky do Ruska
    57', CZ, 2010
  • 24
    52', CZ, 2011
  • Český žurnál: Svobodu pro Smetanu
    52', CZ, 2012
  • Český žurnál: Život a smrt v Tanvaldu
    52', CZ, 2013
  • Český žurnál: Spřízněni přímou volbou
    52', CZ, 2013
  • Český žurnál: Obnažený národ
    52', CZ, 2014
  • Boží mlýny na prodej
    30', CZ, 2014
  • Český žurnál: Má vlast Afghánistán
    52', CZ, 2015
  • Český žurnál: Blízký daleký východ
    69', CZ, 2015
  • Pára nad řekou
    90', CZ/SK, 2015
  • Český Pepík jede do Polska poznat lásku k Bohu
    in production

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