Peter Mettler (Canada)

Based both in Switzerland and Canada, Peter Mettler (born 1958, Toronto) is a strong supporter of independent creativity, having collaborated with numerous filmmakers, artists and musicians such as Werner Penzel, Michael Ondaatje, Atom Egoyan, Peter Weber, Fred Frith, Jim O'Rourke, Tom Kuo, Alexandra Rockingham Gill, Robert Lepage, Andreas Züst, and many others.
Melding intuitive processes with drama, essay, experiment or documentation, his own films hold a unique and influential position in creative expression not only in film but also in new art forms where cinema and other disciplines merge. Meditations on our world, rooted in personal experience, his works reflect the visions and wonder of their characters and audiences alike. Mettler’s films have garnered many prizes and been the focus of several retrospectives internationally.
Additional artistic activities include a wide range of ongoing engagements in music, dance and photography. Over the years Mettler has presented photographic gallery exhibitions in Europe and Canada. More recently he has been experimenting with live sound and image mixing performances with a diversity of musical artists in an extremity of locales ranging from radio theatres to dance clubs and wilderness locations. An interview with Mettler on these activities is included in the 2005 publication The VJ Book by Paul Spinrad.


  • Lancalot Freely
    20´, Canada, 1980
  • Scissere
    88´, Canada, 1982
  • Eastern Avenue
    58´, Canada, 1985
  • The Top of his Head
    110, Canada, 1989
  • Tectonic Plates
    106´, Canada, 1992
  • Picture of Light
    83´, Switzerland/Canada, 1994
  • Balifilm
    30´, Canada, 1996
  • Gambling, Gods and LSD
    180´, Canada/Switzerland, 2002
  • Away
    3´, Canada, 2007
  • Shostakovitch/Notes in Silence
    25´, Cannada, 2007
  • Petropolis: Aerial Perspectives on the Alberta Tar Sands
    43´, Canada, 2009
  • The End of Time
    109', Switzerland/Canada, 2012

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