Paweł Łoziński (Poland)

Paweł Łoziński was born on December 4, 1965 in Warsaw, Poland. He is a producer, writer and director of documentaries.

He is the son esteemed of documentary film-maker Marcel Łoziński. However Paweł was not encouraged by his father to pursue studies in filmmaking.

Upon finishing high school Paweł worked in various jobs such as grocery shop assistant, film set carpenter and electrical maintenance before seeking more direction his life.

Paweł began his career in film assisting Krzystzof Kieślowski on the set of Trzy kolory: Biały (Three Colours: White).

In 1988, he was accepted at the National Film School in Łódź and graduated in 1992, making his first full-length documentary, Miejsce Urodzenia (Birthplace) which was awarded a Grand Prix in San Francisco and Marseille.

Łoziński is well known for creating simple, intimate films, documenting ordinary peoples' stories, in which the smallest problems of his characters are shown against a background of wider social issues.

Taka historia (The Way It Is) (1999), Siostry (Sisters) (1999) and Pani z Ukrainy (A Woman From Ukraine) (2002) were filmed single-handedly with his personal camera giving a sense of true intimacy with the subjects.

His filming style allows the camera to reveal the true motivations behind human behaviour with little outside interference.

Paweł’s films comment on the ‘ordinary world’ finding situations that people can identify and relate with while subtly critiquing modern Polish society.


  • Miejsce Urodzenia/ Birthplace
    47´, Poland, 1992
  • 100 Years of Polish Cinema
    62´, Poland, 1995
  • Kratka
    50´, Poland, 1996
  • Japonia
    Poland, 1997
  • Slawomir Mrozek przedstawia
    Poland, 1997
  • Taka historia
    58´, Poland, 1999
  • Siostry
    12, Poland, 1999
  • Mój spis z natury we wsi Lezno Male
    24´, Poland, 2002
  • Pani z Ukrainy
    19´, Poland, 2002
  • Über die Grenze/ Across the Border
    131´, Poland/Austria/CZ/SK/Slovenia, 2004
  • Wygnańcy
    25´, Poland, 2006
  • Kici, Kici/ Kitty, Kitty
    28´, Poland, 2008
  • Chemia/ Chemo
    58´, Poland, 2009
  • Inwentaryzacja
    9´, Poland, 2010
  • Ojciec i syn/ Father and Son
    54’, Poland, 2013

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