Apolena Rychlíková (Czech Republic)

Apolena Rychlíková, b. 1989 in Brno. From 2008, she is a student of the Department of Documentary Film at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague. Since her first study year, concluded by her film Eggs (about the search for the maternal instinct under the microscope), she has been dealing primarily with the field of social/engaged documentary. She made the films Hájek na zámku, Petr v podzámčí (an authorial portrait of the then head of the presidential office Petr Hájek made in her second study year) and a probe of the anti-government movements Make Some Wish When Government Falls made as a bachelor thesis work in 2012.
Rychlíková‘s authorial film Family, screened in the competition of Jihlava IDFF and Finále Plzeň among others, explores the boundaries between the personal and the public, dealing with the politics of memory, the phenomenon of anti-communism as well as the principles of moral politics of Václav Havel on the backdrop of her video diary. The film openly presents the intimate process of the filmmaker’s emancipation and founding and finding a family of her own. Rychlíková regularly screens her films at Czech and international festivals. Besides her own creative activities, she also co-operates with the television (Náš venkov, Intolerance, Nedej se). She is the co-author of a series of portraits of post-November prime ministers Expremiéři realized in the creative group of Kamila Zlatušková in the Czech Television. Within the series, she made the portrait of Mirek Topolánek.
She also contributes to the web daily A2LARM, both in the field of videos and journalism, and writes for Deník Referendum and Nový Prostor.


  • Vajíčka/Eggs
    12', Czech Republic, 2010
  • Pošta/Post
    12', Czech Republic, 2010
  • Hájek na zámku, Petr v podzámčí
    40', Czech Republic, 2011
  • Padá vláda, něco si přej
    54', Czech Republic, 2012
  • Rodina
    59', Czech Republic, 2013
  • Expremiéři
    26', Czech Republic, 2013
  • If Adolf Hitler Lived There Would Be No Rights for Gypsies
    27', Czech Republic, 2014

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