Visegrad LIVE!

The aim of Visegrad Film Festival is to make Irish audiences familiar with the existence of Visegrad. The fact that it is a locality with fruitful film production is proved by the films presented at until October 9 for free streaming!

You can enjoy the experimental documentary Remembering 90 by Barbora Berezňáková which depicts the atmosphere of Slovak society of 20 years ago by means of visual images. The filmmaker has been collecting material for the film systematically since 2012: “It is a collection of micro-situations captured in the form of short videos with the aim of creating a new context,” explains director Berezňáková. Since video art is one of the most favoured forms of contemporary art, the film will enthuse many an art film fan.

Another globally accessible documentary Homo Ciris by Slovak director Jana Mináriková transcends the “Visegrad” territory by its fresh perspective. It is a stylized portrait that will appeal (not only) to all who are living their dreams. The story of an employee of an aquarium shop who loves fish so much that he himself wants to become one has... won an award for best cinematography.

The popular film Mallory by internationally acclaimed Czech director Helena Třeštíková capturing a (successful) struggle with addiction by the long-term observational method is accessible to viewers in Ireland only. 5 October by Martin Kollár, a sensible yet not pathetic film finished this year, made its mark at Karlovy Vary IFF. And third time lucky Irish; the Polish film Call Me Marianne by Karolina Bielawska explores a rather complex theme: gender transition.

It is hard to say whether the Irish will get an impression that only probing portraits are made in Visegrad. However, thanks to VFF, they now know that quality documentaries are made there. And most importantly, they now have an idea “where the hell is Visegrad.”


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