From a Petty Thief to the Drug Mafia

Unsolved criminal cases, war crimes, touching life stories of young petty thieves as well as the portrait of a hitman in the services of the Italian drug mafia… Why has crime attracted both filmmakers and viewers since time immemorial? Watch various forms of evil captured by renowned filmmakers.

For twenty years, Helena Třeštíková has followed the fall of repeat offender René. Gianfranco Rosi has captured the unique witness account of a hitman in his film El Sicario – Room 164. An Israeli duo of directors treated 350 hours of testimony from the trial with Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann. In his film The Great Communist Bank Robbery, Romanian director Alexandru Solomon revisits the case from 1959 when a group of high-ranking communist officials stole an automobile with several million lei; although they were all captured and sentenced, a film treatment of the event was forbidden. In Normalization, Robert Kirchhoff tries to solve the murder of a young woman which shocked Slovakia. Despite its breathtaking visual style, the Serbian-French documentary Depth Two focuses on the secret mass murders of civilians during the armed conflict in Kosovo.

Selected films


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