Arunas Matelis (Lithuania)

Arūnas Matelis was born in 1961 in Kaunas , Lithuania. He first studied mathematics at Vilnius University, then in 1989 he graduated from Lithuanian Music Academy , Theatre and TV faculty In 1991 Arūnas Matelis established one of the first independent film production company in Lithuania called “Nominum”.
Arūnas Matelis directed 10 documentaries and produced about 20 films, directed by well-know Lithuanian film directors like A.Stonys, R.Lileikis, H.Šablevičius, V.Landsbergis and others. Films directed by Arūnas Matelis were awarded and presented in many film festivals around the world, like Cannes, Rotterdam , Oberhausen , Torino , Sao Paulo and others.
His latest film “Before Flying Back to the Earth” has been nominated by European Film Academy for The best European Documentary of 2005 and received 10 international awards.
Since 1994 Matelis is a delegated member of Lithuanian Radio and TV Commission. Chairman of Documentary guild of Lithuanian Filmmakers union. He was also a chairman of Lithuanian film experts’ board for several years.


Pelesos milžinai/ Giants of Pelesa (10´, USSR, 1989)
Baltijos kelias/ Baltic way - together with A.Stonys (10´, USSR, 1989)
Dešimt minučių prieš Ikaro skrydį/ Ten Minutes Before the Flight of Icarus (10´, Lithuania, 1991)
Autoportretas/ Self-portrait (10´, Lithuania, 1993)
Iš dar nebaigtų Jeruzalės pasakų/ From Unfinished Tales of Jerusalem (26´, Lithuania, 1996)
Pirmasis atsisveikinimas su Rojum/ First farewell to Paradise (15´, Lithuania, 1998)
Priverstinės emigracijos dienoraštis/ The Diary of Forced Emigration (20´, Lithuania, 1999)
Skrydis per Lietuvą arba 510 sekundžių tylos/ Flight over Lithuania or 510 seconds of silence - together with A. Stonys (10´, Lithuania, 2000)
SEKMADIENIS. Evangelija pagal liftininką Albertą/ SUNDAY. The Gospel According to Liftman Albertas (19´, Lithuania, 2003)
Prieš parskrendant I Žemę/ Before Flying Back to the Earth (52´, Lithuania, 2005)

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